What is superwise.net?

superwise.net is a concept for thin client networks. When talking about thin client solutions most people associate to a range of features such as low maintenance, low costs, basic technology, low administration, etc.

superwise.net summarize all these features in three fundamental rules or policies used to approach any thin client solution. The three golden rules are:

A thin client solution has to fulfill all these rules in order to be a true thin client solution.

The market for thin client solutions is growing. Many solutions presented are far from thin, but that might not be apparent at a first glance. The purpose of superwise.net is to guide you through the jungle of so called thin client solutions. Apply the three golden rules and you can evaluate most technologies.

Superwise is the total concept on thin clients and network computing. A true thin client solution involves both hardware and software, clients and servers as well as operating system and applications.