Thin Clients - another buzzword

Thin client computing has been a hot topic the last couple of years, but still it has not boosted. That will change, probably not over night, but eventually. There are many vendors, of both software and hardware, who deliver some kind of thin client concept. Unfortunately, the term thin client is so widely (mis-)used that the true meaning of it is fading.

Major reasons for the discrepancy are both technological and economical. While the demand for thin clients is high many vendors still do not have a true thin client technology to offer. Instead they tweak their existing products so they appear thin, but it might be an illusion.

The economical reason for diluting the term thin client is related to the fact that the software install base is drastically decreased with this technology. Software vendors tend to invent new license policies in order to still be able to charge the same price for a far much cheaper technology.